SchoolCommenced in 2045 B.S. (1988/89 A.D.) by a visionary person Mr. Niraj Nepal, it is all nestled amidst the silent heart of Inaruwa-3 (between 26037’50’’ to 26034’58’’ north, longitude 87007’30’’ to 87011’18’’, 1700 m above sea level). JSSS is one of the inspiring schools striving towards excellence. As per our motto-“Education for enlightenment”, we not only aspire our children in academics but also in multi-disciplinary sectors to form a pluralistic society.

The history of JSSS dates back to about 25 years when it all started in a rented building in the heart of Inaruwa-3. While the educational footprint was at its early phase, a genuine promise to dedicate the vigor and understanding by the Founder/Director Mr. Niraj Nepal, took off with a little number of students and some fellow teachers. With the combined effort of teachers and guardians, we showed positive seeds in the academic field by producing cream students as per our promise.

As of now, the hard work led us standing on our own 3-storeyed building, with immense facilities and a distinct vision and goal. The successful completion of the silver jubilee marks our continuity towards the journey.