Dear students/parents/guardians,

      Niraj Nepal Founder Principal

Niraj Nepal
Founder Principal

             Founder Principal  It all began when a genuine thirst was felt for the pursuit of a qualitative academic institution in the heart of Inaruwa, Sunsari. Thence, a name Janak Smriti Secondary School (the then Janak Smriti Shishu Sadan) emerged in 2045 B.S. which by now has successfully completed its 25th anniversary with an outstanding triumph.

          We are an inclusive family of multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and diversified people as teaching, non-teaching staffs and students. Despite that, our academic standards are the benchmarks of the east. The English curriculum based teachings are well complimented by our experienced teachers and industrious students.

             We have been a national figure in academics and are justifiably proud of our overall performance in the Eastern region of Nepal. We have our methodology not just stuck in bookish learnings but also onto lifeskills, social involvement and extra curriculars. We are the proud winners of regional level sports competitions. On the National level, we are the second runner up of 5th National table soccer championship which proves our dedication towards sports and ECA (extra-curricular activities).

                                                We are and we promise to be a school where time, technological advancement, academics and freedom of knowledge will always flourish to align the shifts in society, environment and people. We hope to ensure social engagement and better understanding of life skills. We are always open for transformation for the betterment of the educational parameters. Our doors are too open for interested teachers and students wanting to be a part of our family.